Wrist Watch Storage: Protecting Your Watch

So, you are starting to build up a collection of watches or you just own more than one, and you realize that you don’t have anywhere to put them except for maybe on your nightstand or a perhaps the boxes that they were sold in. Watch enthusiasts know that caring for your wrist watch collection is essential to keeping them functioning properly and looking their best. When it comes to wrist watch storage, just like the watches themselves, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Whether or not you are traveling or keeping them at home, there are plenty of options to keep your watch collection safe.

The Storage Case

The storage case is a classic and often times first choice when it comes to proper wrist watch storage. Storage cases are similar to a jewelry box, but the compartments are designed to fit watches instead. They are typically rectangular in shape and are often lined with some sort of fabric to prevent the watches from being scratched while on the inside.

They also have pads that you can wrap the watch strap around for each slot that can hold a watch to ensure that they do not get loose and move around while in the case.

Another cool feature of the storage case is that most will come with a glass or plastic top that you can see your collection through.

When it comes to buying a storage case, there are a couple of things you want to take in consideration before buying.

First thing you want to decide is how many watches are you wanting to store? There are cases that can only accommodate five or so watches and then you have some cases that can store up to twenty watches.

The second thing you want to figure out is the presentation aspect of the case. Are you wanting a box with a glass top? What outer material are you wanting? Leather or wood? You will want to make a choice based on your own personal environment and tastes.

Leather Watch Box Case

Take this case for example. It has a PU leather exterior and the interior is lined with soft velvet to protect the watches while inside. The case has two parts, a top part that can be seen through the glass top and stores up to eight watches and has removable pillows.

The bottom valet drawer features 4 longer slots for holding more watches or other trinkets and accessories such as cuff links, rings, tie clips, etc…

While clearly not meant to be a travel box, it would be a good case to protect your collection while at home.

Cigar Humidor

A Cigar Humidor

Cigar Humidors are designed to protect the stored cigars from humidity and temperature. These same two things can also be damaging, to a lesser extent, to your watches.

While a humidor isn’t technically designed to store a watch, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use one if you like the look of it or if you only have one or two watches.

Travel Roll Cases

While this may not be your primary option for wrist watch storage, a travel roll case is an excellent addition to your main storage choice. A travel roll case is usually made of a durable material on the exterior and a soft material on the inside and can store a different amount of watches based on the capacity of the case.

Travel Watch CaseAs you would expect, these cases are more compact than your standard case and are designed in a way to make it easy to store and protect a few watches for when you need to hit the road.

Watch Winders

While this option is not necessary for watches that don’t need to be wound, quartz watches for example, they would be a good choice for automatic watches. Automatic watches rely on the natural movement of your body to stay accurate and correctly wound.

Like the name suggests, a watch winder will keep your automatic wound and well as double as a display case for it.

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a watch winder however. You want to make sure that the winder has a program? And if so, how easy is it to program? This will be especially important if you have multiple automatic watches of different brands and specs.

Also, how quiet is the winder? Usually the lower quality (not always cheap) winders can be very loud and could be a disturbance if you have it in your bedroom at night.

Lastly, how is it powered? You may want one that is battery operated as well has a power cable if you plan on traveling or storing it in a safe at times.

Safes and Safe Deposit Boxes

This option is not going to be for most people, but for the ones who have heirloom or extremely high dollar timepieces, this may be a great choice.

While it is tempting to keep these sorts of watches on display, it may be best to keep them locked up somewhere where people cannot easily get to them.

Purchasing a jewelry safe for home or using a safety deposit box at a bank would be great options to store your very expensive luxury watches or family heirloom watches.

Wrist Watch Storage Tips

Whatever storage option you choose to go with for your collection, there are some general tips you want to follow when actually storing the watches.

You’ll want to make sure you store them face up, regardless of how soft the interior of the case or tray might be.

You’ll also want to leave gaps between watches if you are storing them in a case. Most good cases will have plenty of space for watches, but some bigger watches may need to be stored differently.

Do Not Eat! Silica Gel is great for keeping your storage area dry, which is good for watches.

You can use silica gel to keep humidity out of the cases. Keeping a pack of silica gel inside the case will protect your collection form moisture and condensation which, as explained earlier, can be damaging to watches.

If you will be storing your quartz watches long term, it may be wise to remove the battery. Batteries can corrode which could cause some internal damage to your watch. You can usually remove them yourself or, if you need help, visit a jeweler.

Finally, it would also be wise to store any paperwork or guides in a safe place as well. A place that you can remember and easily get to in the event that you decide to resell the timepiece.


I’m hoping that this post will help you to make an educated decision on what wrist watch storage option would be best for you and your collection. Now that you have relevant information on the different storage options, think about where you are storing your watches and how you want your storage to look. Also, think about how expensive is your collection or do you only have one watch you need to store. Once you figure out some of these questions, it will be easier to find out what you need.

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  1. Hello and thank you for this article! I find this article very well constructed and concise. I didn’t know there are a lot ways you can store your Wrist Watches, but now I know and I find it very interesting. But I only have one wrist watch but this keeps me interested while reading. You also provided the considerations when deciding which storage to buy.

  2. Good evening. Fascinating article! I love watches myself, and I also try to preserve them for as long as possible (I was terrible with my watches as a kid-most didn’t last more than a month). I currently store my watch in the original box that it came in, but it’s always good to have options (my two dogs love to touch things that don’t belong to them. LOL). I appreciate the time and thought that you put into this article. God bless you!


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