A History Lesson on Smartwatches

When it comes to smartwatches most people don’t ever think about when they first began. In fact, most of my friends think that they started with the Apple Watch, which is far from the truth. Smartwatches have been around far longer than most people may realize and as technology continues to improve, it’s safe to … Read more

A Briefing On Timex Watch History

Timex has become one of the most known watchmakers to date and is arguably the most famous brand raised in the United States. While most people don’t think of expensive or luxury when they see a Timex brand watch, the company has done a great job in serving the public with stylish and affordable options … Read more

A Brief Narrative On Casio Watch History

Casio Computer Co., Ltd, or better known as just, Casio, is a Japanese consumer and commercial electronics manufacturing company. While they are largely known today for their watches, the company is actually involved with producing calculators, phones, and cameras, amongst other things. This post is going to briefly cover Casio watch history and how they … Read more

Orient Brand Watches – A Quick Read

While there are several notable watch brands based out of Japan, this post will cover Orient brand watches specifically. While they may not be as well-known as some other notable Japanese watchmakers, it’s still a relatively large company with proven success over the years. The brand is owned by Seiko Epson, but designs and manufactures … Read more