Who Owns What Watch Brands?

To be a successful watch company in today’s world, a company will often times need help. Watchmakers, on top of designing worthwhile timepieces, typically have to face challenges with getting parts from suppliers, how to distribute across the world, and how to market their products effectively and cost efficiently. With that being said, the wristwatch … Read more

A Brief Narrative On Casio Watch History

Casio Computer Co., Ltd, or better known as just, Casio, is a Japanese consumer and commercial electronics manufacturing company. While they are largely known today for their watches, the company is actually involved with producing calculators, phones, and cameras, amongst other things. This post is going to briefly cover Casio watch history and how they … Read more

Purchasing Your First Watch

When it comes to purchasing your first watch, for the everyday, uninformed person, it could be quite confusing. There are several things to consider before committing to swiping that plastic card or handing over your hard-earned cash in exchange for a watch. With there being an overwhelming number of brands to choose from and pieces … Read more