A Simple Watch Strap Guide

When it comes to timepieces, people often focus on the movements, the dial appearance, or what complications are built in. Meanwhile, the strap or band is overlooked. This simple watch strap guide is going to address how important this part of the watch is, not only because it secures the watch to your wrist but, … Read more

Watch Anatomy: The Parts of a Wrist Watch

Photo by Pat Taylor on Unsplash

In order to create a fine and well-tuned timepiece, there are a number of different components that must be designed, created, and finally, assembled by incredibly skilled watchmakers. Although there are several watchmakers and styles of wrist watches to choose from, they all will have the basic elements of what makes a watch. Watch anatomy … Read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Watch

Let’s face it, watches are no longer the essential time telling tool that they used to be. With the invention of cell phones, we no longer need to wear a wristwatch since the phone could be our timekeeper, alarm, stop watch, etc. However, just because watches aren’t essential for keeping track of time anymore, doesn’t … Read more