What are GMT Watches? A Brief Explanation

In today’s world of smartphones and their many available apps, a watch can be more of a fashion statement than something of a functional accessory. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a need or demand for a timepiece with a useful complication. For the watch enthusiast who enjoys traveling the world, a GMT watch … Read more

What is a Moon Phase Watch?

The moon phase complication is one of the most desired complications amongst watch collectors and enthusiasts. What makes it so desirable is not often because of its technical prowess or utility, but because it is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Simply put, the moon phase is arguably the most beautiful of watch complications. In … Read more

What Is a Watch Complication

When looking to buy a new watch, one thing you’ll want to understand is what is a watch complication. Telling time is often the only function you’ll really need from your watch, but what if you want more? In that case, you’ll need to decide what complications you want from your watch. Simply put, a … Read more

A Simple Watch Strap Guide

When it comes to timepieces, people often focus on the movements, the dial appearance, or what complications are built in. Meanwhile, the strap or band is overlooked. This simple watch strap guide is going to address how important this part of the watch is, not only because it secures the watch to your wrist but, … Read more

Watch Anatomy: The Parts of a Wrist Watch

Photo by Pat Taylor on Unsplash

In order to create a fine and well-tuned timepiece, there are a number of different components that must be designed, created, and finally, assembled by incredibly skilled watchmakers. Although there are several watchmakers and styles of wrist watches to choose from, they all will have the basic elements of what makes a watch. Watch anatomy … Read more