10 Advantages of Owning a Smartwatch

Wearable technology has become more and more prevalent in today’s society. One form of wearable tech is the smartwatch. Smartwatches are devices that can have the capabilities of a fitness tracker, can download apps and, of course, tell time! Perhaps you have been on the fence about buying a smartwatch or you just want to see some reasons why you should get one. In this post, I’ll try to help you make an educated decision by giving you 10 advantages of owning a smartwatch.

1. You can sync the watch up with your smartphone

One of the most obvious advantages of owning a smartwatch is that you can sync it up to your smartphone.

While this may not seem like a big deal, this can be quite advantageous for most people. When your smartwatch and your smartphone are in sync, this will allow you to control certain aspects of your smartphone with your watch.

Unless you have a standalone smartwatch or one that can utilize cellular networks, you’ll have to connect to your smartphone to take full advantage of the smartwatch.

Syncing your smartwatch to your phone is a must if you want to take full advantage of it.

You can use the smartwatch to locate your phone. We’ve all been in that frustrating situation where you’ve lost your phone and you just can’t seem to find it. With a smartwatch you can have an app on both devices that helps you to locate them.

Being sync’d to the phone also keeps you in the loop for your notifications, messages, and calls all while not having to look at your phone; which leads me to advantage number two…

2. You can respond to messages and take phone calls

If you own a smartwatch and you have it sync’d up to your phone, then you don’t always have to get on your phone to respond to messages or calls. While sync’d, you can receive texts and calls on the watch and handle them without even looking at the phone.

While this may not seem super handy all the time, think about how this could work when you’re working out or doing housework and you can’t get to your phone easily. Or how about if you are in a quiet area and you need to keep your phone volume down?

No need to worry about missing that important call since you’ll see it pop up on your wrist! Some watches can even handle voice communications so you can handle that call right there on your wrist.

While a smartwatch will never replace your phone for these functions, they are very capable of handling these types of things on smaller scale.

3. Your smartwatch can be a digital wallet

Say you’re out at the grocery store and you are in self-checkout and you realize you don’t have your wallet. Instead of making the trek back to the car or worse, back home, you can use your smartwatch to pay!

Of the 10 advantages to owning a smartwatch, this may be the coolest!
With NFC technology, your smartwatch can be a digital wallet used to pay at supporting terminals.

With Apple Pay and Google Pay, you can use your watch to pay so long as the card reader supports it. I’ve used this feature on my phone and it has come in handy far more times than I have expected. Using it on the watch would be super easy and quick!

4. A fitness friend…that hangs out on your wrist

Smartwatches are great partners for those who live an active lifestyle as most smartwatches have the ability to track steps and so much more. Keeping track of things such as your calorie intake, your heart rate, and your sleeping are just a few of the things that a smartwatch can do.

Most good smartwatches have apps that offer training programs or different modes for based on the activity that you are performing. In addition to that, there are even waterproof smartwatches that allow you swim while it keeps track of your stats.

5. Customize your look every day

Most people buy a watch because they are attracted to it in some way; whether it’s the band style or the way the face looks. However, while nothing is wrong with traditional watches, they are not as easily customizable as a smartwatch.

Smartwatches allow you to change the look of the face at whim.

When it comes to a smartwatch, you can literally customize the look every day. Most smartwatches have the ability to swap out the band just like a traditional watch, but takes it a step further by allowing you to change the face whenever.

From a backyard BBQ to that fancy restaurant for a special date, you can change the look of your smartwatch for almost any occasion and never have to worry about spending money on a new watch.

6. On demand entertainment

Most good smartwatches have a variety of entertainment features or capabilities through apps. Just imagine being able to watch a video about running techniques while you take a quick breather from your afternoon jog.

With a smartwatch, you’re only a few touches away from YouTube or some other streaming platform.

Smartwatches can also pair up with wireless headphones via Bluetooth and with it sync’d to your phone you can control the music from your wrist and leave the phone in your pocket. Some models even have the ability to store the music on the watch and you can listen without the use of a smartphone.

7. Access to amazingly useful applications

Think about how useful it would be if the watch you are wearing had the ability to let you know it’s time for your hourly cup of water. With a smartwatch, that’s possible! There are a ton of useful applications that have been built for mobile operating systems.

He gets an app! She gets an app! Everyone gets an app!

There are apps that are designed to help you during grocery shopping, apps to remind you to do important tasks or get to important meetings, and apps that are made for fun.

You can also use Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant as a personal assistant on your wrist. You can speak with them to mark calendar events, finding directions to a new location, or to help you find the answer to a question you had about your favorite sports team.

8. Smart home device control

While this may one of the more situational advantages of owning a smartwatch, it’s still a useful advantage to have. With smart appliances, you have the ability to control them from your phone, laptop, or even smartwatch. If you’ve left the house and forgot to turn off your AC or heater, you can just turn it off from your wrist!

There are several smart home devices being utilized in 2020 and it’s only going to continue to grow. Having the ability to control and monitor those devices from your smartwatch could come in handy. No more walking around the house turning lights off that your spouse or children have left on. Just do it from your wrist!

9. Stay in the loop on Social Media

A smartwatch, just like a smartphone, will allow you to access your social media feeds and accounts with a few taps of your fingers. While some people may not care to be connected to social media with yet another device, there are some people who absolutely have to be.

Post it or it didn’t happen.

I think the best part of being able to access social media on a smartwatch however, is the fact that it’ll be harder to fall down the rabbit hole of posts and comments due to the small screen size. With a smartwatch, it won’t be nearly as comfortable to just get lost in the same way you could on a phone or laptop; however, you’ll still be connected and in the loop.

10. They are excellent for emergencies

One of the advantages of owning a smartwatch is that they are easy to keep up with as they are usually either on your wrist or on it’s charging base. In the event of an emergency, for example, you’ve lost your smartphone and you get hurt, you can still send messages, send your location, or even make calls, in some cases, from the smartwatch.

This goes even further if you have a standalone smartwatch that isn’t dependent on a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. Having a standalone smartwatch means that if you’re lost or your children or spouse are lost, they can make calls and send locations without the use of a smartphone.

Wrapping Things Up

Hopefully this post helped to show you 10 advantages of owning a smartwatch and will help educate you if you are on the fence about buying one. Let us know what you think about some of these advantages. Do you have any favorites? Let us know in the comment section below!

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